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  • Our dedication to excellence is more than just words. - We are in this business because we are driven by passion for the work. We truly love what we do and want to make you happy.
  • We aren't afraid to tell you no, respectfully of course. - Kraai always works in the best interest of the client and we are the ultimate team player. We aren’t "yes men", we are your friend. The one that tells you the truth, not just what you want to hear.
  • Not to brag, but we really are the best. - We are the corporate avengers, coming out of the top software and consulting firms in the world and banding together to fight crimes against information management projects everywhere.

With over 10 years in the information management space across a variety of industries, Kraai brings a unique approach to EIM in that we understand a successful project ultimately depends on our ability to collaborate effectively across the different functional areas of your company, which will have a combination of shared and individual goals that naturally shift throughout the lifecycle of a project. What sets us apart is that we expect those minor shifts and allow for them without any negative impact to your overall EIM objectives.


Kraai Team In Action

Client: A large non-profit healthcare organization with annual revenues in excess of $10 Billion

Problem: Increasing difficulty and expense associated with maintaining business operations and regulatory compliance due to a proliferation of content spread out across numerous old and siloed information systems.

Solution: Embarked on a massive multi-year EIM project currently underway to deliver on both corporate enterprise goals & individual departmental goals. Ultimately the organization will increase regulatory compliance, streamline business operations and enable litigation readiness through the project.

To date, at the enterprise level a new corporate governance model was developed along with an updated retention & disposition schedule to ensure the proper handling of all business records, but most specifically financial records. At the departmental level, Finance is in the midst addressing operational requirements associated with better invoice management and the IT group has focused on the consolidation and decommissioning of legacy systems.